The Senate passed their version of the tax bill in the middle of the night on 12/1. But there’s still time to fight back.

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  1. Because the House passed on version and the Senate passed another version, the bill has to go to conference committee, so both versions of the bill can be reconciled.
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©World Vision — this was the clearest version available online.

2. While it’s possible the House may just choose to pass the Senate version of the bill, the House has traditionally been more conservative than the Senate.

Without having a crystal ball, we can assume the House will want to remove certain aspects of the Senate version of the bill.

In other words, we have a narrow window of time to fight back. The House going to vote on Monday on going to conference, and here are the steps we have to take between now and then:

1. If you’re represented by a GOP Senator, call and leave them a VM expressing your disapproval regarding their vote.

2. If you’re represented by Democratic Senators, call them too. Yes, they need to hear from you.

a. The fight isn’t over, so they still need the numbers to affirm their stances, and

b. Honestly? It’s just nice to remind the Senate Dems we have their backs.

3. Call your House members.

Yes, we want to kill the bills. But the GOP is desperate to pass something that they can run on during midterms. If we can at least minimize the tax bill’s damage, it’s still an accomplishment.

Californians, New Yorkers are key to this step — the tax bill is going to hit California hard, and GOP members like Issa and Royce may be susceptible to being persuaded. Yes, I know Issa, Royce, etc. are problematic. But if they can be persuaded, work that angle.

4. Call your governors.

5. Once you call your Senators, House members and governors, email/call/Facebook your friends, family, colleagues and get them to call as well.

5. For graduate students or anyone who will be impacted by specific parts of the bill, write OpEds to your local papers and send them in.

6. Attend a protest in your area.

If you don’t have a protest near you, why not organize your own?

7. Donate to the Democratic Senators who stood against the tax bill, including several incumbent ‘18 Senators who are up for reelection in pro-Trump states.

8. But your first donation should be Doug Jones, who is running for Senate in Alabama.

9. Related: remind everyone that ACA’s open enrollment period is ongoing until 12/15, and everyone can register at

10. Read up on the bill, so you can correct misconceptions about the bill.


Or put another way: there is a lot of money and amendments at stake in this bill, which is specific to that state — e.g. Murkowski voting yes, because of ANWR drilling. She’s not going to care what people from California think about the issue.

B. Use Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, strictly as a means to share information and empower your followers. DON’T use them to contact your electeds. It will have zero impact. Their social teams will shrug and move on.

C. Yes, calls are best, and should be the primary mode of communication this week. Everything else will experience a bit of a delay.

Political staffer| Global security/intel at @johnshopkins . | Bylines in @thrillist @marieclaire @curbed |Views are my own. Repped by @byobrooks

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